All new HYDRA20 Miller brings you a new touch to the pipe lining work.

Thinner design allows 20m of Ø10mm cable within smaller space than conventional machine designs. Makes your life easier on those tight working spots.

No welding has been used in the design, allowing easy replacement of parts if machine is damaged on site.

Easy and significantly safer handling for operators, thanks to a new electric safety system that prevents injury and extends the life of the product. No wearing parts or constant adjustments as in conventional clutch.

New handheld controller switch allows operators to work in challenging working positions and spaces. Precise and fast speed control on the reach of your fingers.

  • EIPS Electric injury prevention system
  • Handheld operating switch
  • 20m reach with Ø10mm cable
  • Built for heavy use.
  • Lightweight 32kg with 20m shaft.
  • Dimensions :  Width 694mm x Height 789mm x Depth 236mm
  • Power input:  1250W
  • RPM : 0-3400/min